Visibility Fixup

Novell and Microsoft file systems do things differently.


If a user has rights to a file, the file system makes all directories above the file visible to the user.

This is made possible by Visibility Lists. Read the rest of Visibility Fixup »

DirSync with Exchange to Office365 and 3rd Party Migration Tools

DirSync (Windows Azure Active Directory Sync) is the easy way to ensure that your local AD users exist in Office 365. Read the rest of DirSync with Exchange to Office365 and 3rd Party Migration Tools »

Office 365 Staged Migration

Performing an Office 365 Staged Migration seems self explanatory.

When I take off my technical hat, “staged” would imply something planned to occur in stages or batches. Read the rest of Office 365 Staged Migration »

How to Categorise Migration Issues

There are three kinds of migration issues. Read the rest of How to Categorise Migration Issues »

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Groupwise Discovery

A GroupWise to Exchange migration project typically starts with some form of GroupWise discovery, or information gathering exercise.

Any migration in fact involves a decent understanding of the source environment.

I typically start every discussion with a boiler plate list of questions, often the answers to these question will tell me most of what I need to know in order to start planning. Read the rest of Groupwise Discovery »

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