Retaining ACL’s During an NDS to AD File Migration

I use the terms NDS and eDir interchangeably, and I still find that NDS to AD is how most people refer to this kind of migration project, even the Quest product is called NDS Migrator.

I also find that people will still talk about NetWare, even if it’s not part of the mix anymore. Netware saw it’s last release (6.5 Sp8) in October 2008 and since then OES can either run on NetWare or SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES).

Moving data from Novell volumes to Microsoft volumes is a frequent part of a migration from eDir (NDS) to AD.

Retaining permissions during a file migration is a common requirement, and understandably so, we don’t want everybody to suddenly get access to the Finance or the HR files. Unfortunately it’s not always a simple job, and a lot depends on how eDirectory and volumes have been structured.

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