Quest NDS Migrator, Scanning Finished!

I’m running the baseline stage for a file migration using NDS Migrator (4.4.1 as of this writing), and it’s the fun stage because while we’re moving a lot of data and getting a lot of errors, nobody is taking things too seriously yet and we can play with settings and options.

I’ve noticed an odd behavior with the File Scan pre Migration. I’m working with 15 volumes that between them have somewhere in the region of 3.5 TBytes of data, and so we’re testing options re: single big bang, or phased migration by department, if one server is enough, or if we should scale out.

But I’ve noticed or stumbled on something.

When the file scan or migration is complete, NDS Migrator sits there for a long time after the Folder count, File count, or Total size: stop incrementing. The larger the volume, the longer it seems to take.

To all intents and purposes, the scan or migration is finished, but the console hasn’t been returned, and in fact the View Log button is unresponsive.

What I’ve noticed, is that if you go to the log directory, by default this is “C:\Program Files\Quest Software\NDS Migrator\Logs\File Migration“, and then open the most recent File Scan.log or File Migration .log, and then close it straight away, when you get back to the NDS Migrator console the Scanning finished or Migration finished dialog box is waiting, and when you click OK you get your console back.

Seems like NDS Migrator wants you to look at the logs, or that when you do it triggers something.