Let’s Walk!

Ok, theory aside, you are involved in a file system migration from Novell to Windows technologies, and you need to know what sort of issues you are likely to face.

Either that, or you have already moved files and folders and post migration the experience isn’t what was expected. You need to understand how bad things really are.

Where do you start, or what do you do?

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A GroupWise System That Spans Multiple NDS Tree’s!

I’ve just gotten involved in a very interesting project. It’s an NDS and GroupWise to AD and Exchange migration, for 12,000 + mailboxes.

The initial thinking is a long term coexistence between GroupWise and Exchange 2010 while domain joining XP workstations to AD and retaining the Novell client. A domain joined workstation will allow the use of Outlook 2010 with integrated authentication, or single sign on.

The removal of the Novell client, and the migration of data from Novell to Windows may come later, but for now the immediate objective is to get coexistence in play, and then move mailboxes in parallel with resource processing the workstations, so that we only touch each workstation and impact each user once.

The source environment has been in place for many years, and the target has been designed and built by Microsoft using a Product Line Architecture.

The integration and migration suite has also already been designed and deployed by a third party supplier, and on the whole it’s been done very well, but what makes this project interesting is the source environment.

We don’t have a single GroupWise system.

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