During a file migration from Novell to Windows my customer noticed some users had rights in the target system that they shouldn’t have or didn’t have in source.┬áTo make the issue more worrying, the rights being randomly assigned in target were “Full Control”.

We’re moving the data with Quest NDS-M, and then we have a custom script that fixes up the visibility so that the target system behaves more like Novell than NTFS and retains the same view of the data that the users had before.

I needed to find out where the issue was being introduced, on the target file system, via Quest, or with the rights rollup. Continue reading

Windows Server Essentials 2012

I’m biting this bullet early.

We’ve been running SBS in house since 2003, and on the whole it’s worked out really well. In fact at one point we became a small business specialist on the back of MS assurances that they were taking small business seriously, but we never really delved too far into the small business market. Continue reading