Domino to Exchange 2013 with Dell (Quest) NME

The scenario I set out to handle was intended to be the simplest one you could encounter, it’s the simplest set up in a lab (uses the fewest VM’s), and so probably in the real world also for a small business.

The starting point is a business that is using Domino integrated with AD.

I have single domain single forest Active Directory with Domino installed as a member server. Users are created in AD, and then migrated to Domino, registered in the Domino Directory and given mail files.

At some point the business decides to move from Domino to Exchange for it’s e-mail.

Exchange 2013 is now available and there is no pre-existing Exchange in the organisation, so Exchange 2013 has been installed in the same AD as Domino.

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The Exchange 2013 Sizing Tool is Out!

It’s been a while!

Exchange 2013 was RTM on October 11 2012.

Exchange 2007 SP3 RU10 came out February 11th with Exchange 2010 SP3 coming out the next day February 12th.

Exchange 2013 Cu1 was out April 02nd

And on May 14th, the sizing tool has been made available.

Finally, we can design an Exchange 2013 infrastructure to co-exist in an Exchange 2007 or 2010 org, and move mailboxes.

You can grab the tool here.

Notes is not installed

I’m using NME 4.6.1 to do a migration from Domino 8.5.3 to Exchange, and we needed to check something in the Domino Directory.

I download Domino Designer because I needed Domino Administrator, and the only version I can find to download is V9.0

Turns out NME doesn’t work with 9.0, it doesn’t even find the client.


Slightly tedious, I need to use Administrator from a separate workstation, and it’s back to Notes 8.5.3 on the NME server!