Troubleshooting Calendar Data Migration from Domino to Exchange with NME 4.7

I had a phone call from a customer to come and look at their migration.

We had set up NME 4.7 to migrate from Domino to Exchange 2010, and they have concerns that not all of the appointments in the calendar are coming over correctly.

Calendaring and Scheduling in Domino / Notes is very different to Exchange /Outlook, and a lot of documents tend to be involved back and forth. This article is old, but still very useful.

This is not as simple as it would seem to troubleshoot. Continue reading

Visibility Lists in NTFS after Migrating from NDS to AD

What is a visibility list? In a nutshell if you have rights to a file anywhere in a Novell file system you also have rights to browse to that file in the file system.

“If a user has rights to a file, NetWare makes all directories above the file visible to the user.”

This makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t hold true in the Microsoft world. Continue reading