Groupwise Discovery

A GroupWise to Exchange migration project typically starts with some form of GroupWise discovery, or information gathering exercise.

Any migration in fact involves a decent understanding of the source environment.

I typically start every discussion with a boiler plate list of questions, often the answers to these question will tell me most of what I need to know in order to start planning. Continue reading “Groupwise Discovery”

Groupwise Exchange Free Busy

There are three aspects to coexistence during a phased mail migration regardless of the vendors or products being used.

1) Provisioning. You don’t get a mailbox unless you have a user object. Both systems also need to have the same view of the user population because this becomes the system or global address list.

2)SMTP mail flow. Both systems although separate need to look feel and behave like a single system internally and to the outside world.

3) Calendar collaboration. It would be nice if people could work together when on different systems, including the ability to view free busy information.

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