About Cheddon Limited

Our web site gives an overview of the most popular services we currently provide, including Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Migrations, along with many enhancements.

Our core competence is Applied Microsoft Technologies, primarily Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server.

However, we understand that these technologies cannot be delivered in isolation and as such we have a full and broad understanding of supporting and integrated dependencies, including but not limited to the following:

Availability. Identification and mitigation against single points of failure.

Security. Firewall configuration, network, host and application enhancements.

Connectivity. E-mail from anywhere at any time, via browser, mobile or VPN.

Disaster Recovery. Procedures to follow in the event of a failure.

Fault Isolation. Problem identification and resolution.

An understanding of how key technologies fit together allows us to break each technical challenge down into component pieces, to chart a clear path from start to finish through a myriad of potential choices, options and stages in any project, and deliver the optimal solution every time.

Once we have identified the level of internal resources available to you we then work with you to address any shortfall in order to deliver your project.

We are also able to provide services ranging from consultancy to design and implementation of a range of other technologies so please contact us if you have any questions regarding areas not covered on our web pages.