ADMT ERR2:7675. Post-check failed, Access is Denied

After you run the Computer Migration Wizard and move a computer from the source to the target domain, the following errors are logged in the agent logs:

ERR2:7709 Post-check failed on the computer ‘’.

followed by

ERR2:7675 Unable to verify the migrated computer belongs to the domain.  Access is denied. (hr=0x80070005)

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During a file migration from Novell to Windows my customer noticed some users had rights in the target system that they shouldn’t have or didn’t have in source. To make the issue more worrying, the rights being randomly assigned in target were “Full Control”.

We’re moving the data with Quest NDS-M, and then we have a custom script that fixes up the visibility so that the target system behaves more like Novell than NTFS and retains the same view of the data that the users had before.

I needed to find out where the issue was being introduced, on the target file system, via Quest, or with the rights rollup. Continue reading “CREATOR OWNER ACL”

Bad Server !

We’re switching users on a department by department basis to our new MS file cluster, having moved data with Quest NDS-M and having fixed the visibility lists using the fixup tool.

One of the first things we noticed or had feedback on was the initial performance when trying to open files on the MS cluster. Continue reading “Bad Server !”