Cannot expand the folder. Your profile is not configured.

After you apply CU7 to Exchange 2013, Outlook 2007 clients running on Windows XP get the error “Cannot expand the folder. Your profile is not configured.”Cannot expand the folder. Your profile is not configured.

The GUID displayed in the error is the GUID of the Public Folder Primary Hierarchy mailbox.

Primary Heirarchy Public Folder Mailbox GUID

and this is the same GUID that can be seen in the connection status when Outlook tries to open the Public Folders

Outlook 2007 Connection Status

There are several Public Folder updates in CU7 that build on work that was started in CU5, and a combination of CU7 and some configuration enhances support for legacy public folder access in coexistence scenarios.

I’m not in a coexistence scenario, we migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and then to Exchange 2013, and the migration is complete.

I’m also not running MAPI/HTTP, as most of my clients don’t support it.

As such, the resolution of an issue where MAPI/HTTP has been deployed is not appropriate, and neither is the configuration for legacy Public Folder support, but yet I’m still affected by these code changes.

This reference in the above article worries me

“In the future, both Exchange and Outlook will remove the old code that enabled the older redirection logic”

I think the future just arrived, in the form of CU7.

I suspect that the removal of code from Exchange 2013 CU7 is what is causing my issue with Outlook 2007 on Windows XP.

Public Folder access with Outlook 2007 works perfectly on Windows 7, as does Outlook 2010.

This implies the issue is with XP, which is not an strange as it sounds. Outlook on XP has some peculiarities, the most common of which is the lack of support for SAN names in the SSL certificate.

The (unverified) reference in this thread to “a difference in the HTTP/RPC protocol stacks between Windows XP and Windows 7/Vista” would suggest that in my RPC/HTTP environment, we’ve fallen foul of these differences.

Brian comments that ” PF referral is handled by the RPC Client Access Service when you connect to the mailbox server via a public logon”

If I watch the connection status in Outlook 2007 on XP very carefully, I see several PF referrals, before it eventually fails.

Something in this referral process using RPC/HTTP on XP is no longer working.

It’s not something I tend to think we should play with.

Right now PF access is not working, but everything else on these machines is, and the last thing I want to do on an OS that has no support, is go messing with the protocol stack

XP is end of life as of April last year.

XP End of Life

Exchange 2013 CU7 can’t be removed without removing Exchange, which is drastic.

I could in theory remove CU7 and reinstall as CU6.

Bottom line, is that with the combination of XP and CU7, MS won’t entertain the support request.

As well as the example below I tired to open a service request, and when it became apparent that I had XP in the mix, I didn’t get very far at all.