Migration Consultancy

Over the past number of years Cheddon Limited has specialised in Microsoft technology migration projects, primarily to Active Directory and Exchange Server.

We’ve seen numerous scenarios, ranging from complete green field start-ups, single phase “big bang” migrations over a weekend to long term multi-year co-existence, and have worked on projects from 50 to 50,000 mailboxes.

While many aspects of these projects differ greatly such as the source or legacy technologies, the budget or the speed with which each customer can move, our experience is that the vast majority of migrations benefit from the same lessons and perspective of the issues that every migration will face, and the best ways to address, mitigate or avoid these issues.

Our aim is not simply to deliver a product, but to help identify potential areas where the right product or solution delivered in the right way can deliver the right results.

Each project is delivered according to a framework methodology that allows us to:

Clearly define objectives and list success criteria.

Gather information about the background, dependencies and the timeframe’s involved.

Shortlist alternatives and list the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Agree a way forward that will meet all of the success criteria within the budget and timeframe.

By gathering all of the relevant information in advance, we can use our experience to shortlist possible strategies and rule out non-starters.

We demonstrate a Zero Based planning approach or a null start, when we understand the requirements and design a solution from scratch, as this can often help negate any bias caused by pre-existing investment in technology or staff training. Very often the way things have always been done isn’t necessarily the best way for them to continue.

We then prioritise the viable options against a defined scope that lists your expectation and business drivers, and select the best migration strategy for your individual requirement.

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