Infrastructure Enhancements

Often a full migration to new server estate isn’t required. An audit or a feasibility study will reveal where simple additions or enhancements to an existing solution are all that are required.

Once a technology is fully functional it can often be greatly enhanced in the areas of security and availability and stability.

Disaster Recovery procedures and documentation can be addressed pre or post deployment.

Infrastructure Review

Cheddon Limited use a proven assessment methodology for Active Directory Infrastructure Review, health check analysis and fault isolation. Our formal methodology is open to peer-review and allows for any conclusion, recommendation or solution to be evaluated and substantiated based on a framework of contiguous stages

Identify existing pain points. Existing Pain points are identified to help focus the consultants who are conducting the health check.

Review Physical Design. The physical Active Directory design comprised of domain, tree, forest and OU structure is reviewed against current best practice design considerations.

Review Logical Design. The logical Active Directory design comprised of sites, site-links, sub-nets, services and service placement is reviewed against current best practice design considerations.

Perform a Health Check. Using native and freely available tools the stability of the overall Active Directory is assessed, with particular focus on Active Directory, DNS and FRS replication.

Review Capacity Planning. All Domain Controller hardware is reviewed against capacity planning guidelines.

Produce Report. A report of the outcome of the health assessment is produced, detailing any changes made, and any recommendation for further work if required.

Exchange Enhancements

Previous versions of Exchange required most availability enhancements to be designed into an infrastructure before it was deployed, but with Exchange 2010 this is no longer the case, and additional servers and database replica’s can be added pretty much on the fly.

Decisions about Exchange clustering and availability no longer need to be made at the installation stage, the sole caveat being that an Enterprise Operating System is still required to leverage Fail-over Clustering.

The modular nature of Exchange 2010 Server roles mean that most connectivity options can be available as and where required, and can be added, removed or configured as needed.

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