Only mail public folders can be added to favourites.

Post CU7 on Exchange 2013 I’ve run into a few issues with a customer.

Initially we’ve locked all of the Outlook 2007 clients running on XP out of Public Folders.

XP is end of life, and from what I can gather, MS didn’t test CU7 with XP clients.

In hindsight I guess you can’t fault them for this decision, but the result is that there is nothing in the release notes that pre-warns of the issue we are now facing, it’s a non-issue as far as MS are concerned, we shouldn’t be in this position.

As an immediate workaround, my customer tried to give the impacted staff access to Public Folders via OWA, but this threw up a new issue.

Not all of the folders could be added to OWA, and selecting one of the folders that doesn’t work displays the error “Only mail public folders can be added to favourites”

Only mail public folders can be added to favourites

This is pretty baffling, because these folders are mail enabled.

Also I couldn’t see any reason why they should have stopped working post CU7

Even the WhenChanged attribute value was sometime back in 2014


To cut a long story short, the error displayed in OWA is misleading, or in fact just plain wrong.

The issue is with the folder contents.

To prove this, I used Outlook 2013 on my own Exchange 2013 server to create various types of public folder using the drop down list.


I then mail enabled all of them.


Sure enough, only the folder containing Mail and Post items can be added in OWA.


I knew this, there are several limitations to Public Folders in OWA on Exchange 2013.

What threw me was the error.

Turns out this isn’t a new issue post CU7, it’s just the first time we’ve tried to do it, to work around the XP issue.